Post 17: My Thoughts

Are we forgetting how to think for ourselves? Have you ever found yourself stuck, unable to work on something because you cannot think of anything to do? What do you do next? Today the normal response for that million-dollar question would be “I’ll just Google it.” or “Let me have a look on Pintrest for some idea’s.” Information is everywhere, flying at us when we least expect it. Have we forgotten what it’s like to struggle and come up with something on our own? It is so much more rewarding when you come up with an idea and can proudly say was yours.

Flowers in a natural frame, Laura Griffiths Torino
Lone Bee, Photography by Laura Griffiths Fotografia

I’ll admit the internet is my fall back too, but sometimes you just have to say enough is enough and do it your way!

Besides the internet is full of distractions and misinformation. Can you resist clicking on these links?
“50 reasons the sky is blue!”
“How to cook roast beef in the kitchen sink!”
“You won’t believe what happened to this little girl when she cuddled up to a bear!”
That’s when you know it’s time to shut down the computer and get out a pen and paper to scribble down your thoughts. :)    

Cane Ritratto, Laura Griffiths Fotografia Torino
Cane Ritratto al parco, Laura Griffiths Fotografia
Macro flower Laura Griffiths Fotografo a Torino