Secret Italian Sugar Cookie Recipe

The secret -not so secret- Italian sugar cookie recipe.

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I obtained this recipe from a bakery in downtown Torino. It was during an outing with our school and part of Italian language lessons five years ago. Ever since then I have been using this recipe as a base for my super yummy holiday and Christmas cookies.

Italian Sugar Cookies

Makes about a 1kg of cookies.


500g of Flour
250g of cool Butter
1 Egg
170g of Sugar
& your choice of flavouring. (I like to use lemon or vanilla, or both!)

Step 1:
Mix butter and sugar until just combined.
Add flour, egg and aroma, knead mixture until well combined.

Step 2:
Put it in the fridge to let it rest for at least an hour, they recommended making it the night before you plan to make the cookies.


Step 3:
Preheat oven to 180’c and roll out the dough.

I like to make spiral cookies, so I roll out a chocolate dough (obtained by adding cocoa powder) and a vanilla dough, placing one on top of the other and rolling it. Once rolled, I place it in the fridge for 15 or so minutes to let it cool off before slicing it.


Step 4:
Cut out the cookies! (This is the fun part for kids!! )
or Slice the roll!


Step 5:
Place on pan and move them into the oven for 10 minutes. (Keep an eye on them!)
Take them out when they start to get golden brown on the edges.  


Step 6:
Let them cool and enjoy.
or Let them cool, decorate and enjoy! :)

*I used raw brown sugar, because I like the more handmade look. Use sifted sugar and flour to get a more uniform, smooth result.

Happy Holidays!!