What Portrait Style Are you?

What Portrait Style Are you?

Personal Branding or Corporate Headshots

Lately I have read discussions about personal branding or corporate headshots, do you want one kind or the other?  What portrait style am I? Don't get lost in the wording! :)

The term "Corporate Headshots" has been around much longer. People often refer to the term when describing a more classic style portrait. The in a suit, sitting at a desk, looking very 'large and in-charge' portrait.

Where as the term "Personal Branding" is then used more often when describing a more behind the scenes, interview'esce style of portrait or when referring to a business that is more on the creative spectrum, for example a designer or stylist. The term personal branding didn't really become popular until we started blogging and promoting a more personal style of service for our clients.

What portrait style are you?

The truth is that they are one in the same. Personal Branding is just a more modern term used to describe Corporate Headshots. Your style depends on what you bring to the shoot, the location of your shoot, your way of doing business and how you want your clients to see you. 

So how do you want to be photographed?