What will I wear?

What will I wear?


One of the most important things to think about when you are coming to a photo session is “what will I wear?” Your clothes should reflect the style you want to represent. A vintage pastel dress, a white shirt, and jeans, a little black dress, a lovely blouse jeans combo or an elegant dress you never get a chance to wear. Use the photo session as an excuse to purchase that beautiful outfit that you’ve always wanted.
For men, a dress shirt and jeans or a complete ensemble, a nice sweater, a jacket or a white t-shirt and jeans.

Red Top
vintage lace dress


Adding accessories like a necklace or sophisticated hat can really bring out your style and highlight your uniqueness. Even men should think about accessories! A nice pair of suspenders, a great tie or bowtie can make all the difference!  

Vintage dress
Blue vintage dress

Our Closet

The clothes featured in this blog are also available to be used in your photo session! We have some wardrobe options available including, vintage dresses, tulle skirts, lacy tops, wraps, scarfs and pencil skirts. 

Lace shirt


  • Keep it simple: Don’t over think your outfits.
  • Bring in 5 or 6 different looks and we can decide together if you like.
  • Try your outfits on a couple days before your photo shoot, just to make sure everything fits!
  • Make sure you clean off any dog and/or cat hair before hand. 
  • For a family shoot outfits that combine well work best, try a colour scheme! 

We also have a couple of style boards on Pinterest for idea’s!
Women’s style
Men style 

In the end, we will make you look and feel amazing in whatever you decide to bring!

Torino, Italia.

Torino, Italia.