Why Do I Need Portraits?

Laura Griffiths

"I would like to take a moment to discuss reasons for having professional portraits done.

Once upon a time you loved having your portrait taken. If only because it got you out of class for half an hour. But once those school days lining up in the gym to have your portrait taken are over professional portraits are not really a priority and here are some reasons why they should be!"

Nostalgia & Documenting your life.

Everyone loves looking back on old family portraits. I know you all have, or have seen, at least one professional portrait of your loved ones throughout the ages. How do you feel when you look at those photographs? I bet their value is immeasurable.

The history of your family is a part of you. It helps you know where you came from. Imagine for a moment your son or daughter, looking at beautiful portraits of you with your grandchildren and their grandchildren after that.

My grandfather on the right. 1942

My grandfather on the right. 1942

My great great grandfather. 1942

My great great grandfather. 1942

Kids will be kids! 

Kids grow up fast! It’s important to track their growth, a yearly portrait session is ideal to remember how much your child’s looks and personality have changed over the years. It’s a great memory for them to have and will be cherished by the whole family!  

Portraits Ritratti Laura Griffiths Fotografia Torino Turin fotografo
Portraits Ritratti Laura Griffiths Fotografia Torino Turin fotografo

Professional Headshots

Having professional headshots done isn’t just for Celebrities and Super Models. A headshot can take your business to the next level and really help your audience connect with you. In the age of social media, having personal branding on your website is going to skyrocket your business.

People want to see you, they want to personalize the product and know that a face exists behind it. They will also judge your product or service based on said headshot! It is important to have a great portrait to represent your brand perfectly!

Marta Fotografia Torino Italia Portrait Photographer-28.jpg

Personal Growth & Celebrating You!

A Portrait Session can be a valuable part to personal growth. For the people who love you, you are perfect just as you are! They don’t see the flaws that you do, they your beautiful smile. They see that twinkle in your eye when you pick up your baby boy for the first time. A professional portrait session can show YOU what the people around you see every day.

Do you need a boost? The emotional impact of having your portrait taken is as positive as it gets! Don’t be afraid to celebrate you! Our portrait sessions lighthearted and fun; I want my clients to leave the studio feeling refreshed and smiling! My goal is to take the most beautiful portraits that you have ever seen of yourself.

You are worth it. As a mother, a sister, a grandmother you are always thinking about others. Take a day for yourself, get pampered and have your portrait taken to immortalize the fun you had! So you can look at that portrait and say “I am beautiful!”

Eleonora Fotografia Torino Italia Portrait Photographer 042017-34small.jpg
Eleonora Fotografia Torino Italia Portrait Photographer 042017-31.jpg


For everyone who would love to play dress up and get pampered! You get to feel like a movie star as we pose you for your portraits! It’s a great way to take a day for yourself and celebrate your achievements while creating memories.  Buy a beautiful dress, bring in an old favorite, bring a friend or two! You can all laugh, drink champagne, eat treats and enjoy your own personal photographer and hair and makeup artist for the day!   

Lucia Laura Griffiths Fotografia Torino Italia Fotografo 2016-40.jpg