Post 29: Love Is In The Air

I met Brittney when I was 8 years old! We had just moved into a new town, and her family lived right across the street. After a couple weeks Britt and her brothers came over and asked if we wanted to play tag with them and some of the other kids on the block, of course we said yes! Thus began our journey to becoming the best of friends. With many silly childhood adventures, like tree forts, kids getting stuck in the mud, bringing home stray animals, bike rides, camping trips, fishing, long walks, movie nights, we even filmed a movie once! Haha

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In March of 2015 Britt and Jamie announced their engagement and I couldn’t be more happy for them! We met up, this past summer while I was in Canada and the smiles these two exchanged were contagious! We had such a great time swapping stories and catching up while catching fish on their boat! It’s not often you come across two people who complement each other so well. I mean, who wouldn’t want to marry their best friend! I can only imagine the adventures these two have planned for future and I wish them all the best! :)

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