Post 25: Blue - A Colour Story

"A Color Story" is a collaboration project involving photographers from around the world. Each month we search for a different colour, photograph it and turn it into a collage. 

“Storia di Colori”, è un progetto in collaborazione che coinvolge fotografi di tutto il mondo. Ogni mese viene definito un colore differente che diventa la base delle foto da realizzare per comporre un collage.

A Color Story Collaboration Laura Griffiths Fotografia Blue blu June

Interesting Facts about the colour Blue! :)

Blue is a primary colour and very common. It is created when sunlight passes through the atmosphere and is dispersed by the nitrogen and oxygen molecules.

The colour blue has been used in clothing, art and decoration for thousands of years. The blue stone lapis Iazull  was used to make jewelry in ancient Egypt.

Blue eyes do not contain any blue pigment. In humans, the eye pigmentation varies from light brown to black. Blue, Green and Hazel eyes are the result of an optical effect similar to what happens in the sky, which can cause changes in colour under different lighting! 99% of Estonians have blue eyes.

In the 20th century blue was chosen to replace black in many European flags because it is commonly associated with harmony.

Feelings associated with the colour are: Harmony, faithfulness, confidence, distance, the imagination, cold, freshness and sometimes sadness.  

Parco Mamma Madre Bambini Ragazzi Lifestyle Fotografia Laura Griffiths
Clean Kid Boy Cleaning Lifestyle Fotografia Laura Griffiths
Jiimaan Windsor Ontario Canada Alarm Bell Boat
blueberries blue berry wood natural fotografia dettali
Blue door Fotografia

I will be posting my colour collages on my Blog, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Feel free to follow along or even join in on the fun! For June the colour is Red. Happy Hunting! :)

Io posterò i miei collage sul mio Blog, su Facebook e Instagram. Sentitevi liberi di seguire o magari partecipare a questo divertimento! Il colore di giugno è il Rosso. Buona caccia!

cat blue eyes siamese or seal point mix ragdoll maybe