5 Quick Tips and Tricks For Better Photographs

Whether you have a DSLR or a Point and Shoot camera I have written these quick and simple tips and tricks to start you on your way to better photographs. Enjoy! And feel free to share any tips or tricks of your own in the comments bellow!

Rule of thirds dog

1. Rule of Thirds:
A photographer or not you have probably heard this term thrown around. It refers to the “rule” of dividing your photograph into thirds, and placing your points of interest/subject along those lines or where they cross over for an eye pleasing result.

Leading lines

2. Leading Lines:
Photographers love leading lines. They help to your eye to move over the photograph to and can accentuate a point of interest. It is kind of like the phrase, “all roads lead to Rome.” You want all of your lines to lead to your subject or point of interest.


3. Perspective:
Find a different perspective. We spend most of the day looking at the world from where we stand, and it all starts looking the same after a while. Getting low to the ground or looking down on your subject can have a visually pleasing effect when photographed. So get creative! :)

cat eye level

4. Shooting Eye Level:
Most professional portrait photographers shoot at the subject’s eye level. Why? Whether your subject is sitting, standing, young or old, we all have different heights and shooting at eye level is very flattering for your subject. Shooting down on your subject will cause body distortion and shooting up at your subject will make them appear larger than life. (If that’s what you are going for then great! Sports players are often shot from a lower angle.)


5. Framing:
Framing is a great way to take your photographs to the next level! It makes you think about your subject and your background. Framing will help to pull attention to your subject and create an interesting effect at the same time.

*6. These rules can be broken, but it is important to know of them so you can make an educated decision for yourself. :)