Post 5: 1 Month! Sue Bryce & Your Comfort Zone

I can’t believe it has already been over a month of blogging! I hope you enjoy the quality I try to include in every post. I decided before embarking on this adventure that I would only use fresh photos, taken within the week! That way when looking back one can see where I came from.

I have also decided to start writing in Italian (when needed) for those who might not speak English.
Ho anche deciso di scrivere un po’ in Italiano (quando serve) per chi non sa parlare bene inglese.

For the last couple of weeks I have been researching and watching videos by Sue Bryce a very talented photographer who has been an inspiration and mentor to me. Therefore, it only made sense to practice a few of her techniques on myself using a tripod. (a MeFoto Roadtrip, which I love.) 

Nell’ultimo paio di settimane ho fatto ricerca e ho guardato i video di Sue Bryce, una fotografa molto brava con tanto talento, che è stata per me una fonte di ispirazione e un mentore. Quindi mi sembrava logico praticare alcune delle sue tecniche su me stessa, utilizzando un treppiede. (Amo il mio MeFoto Roadtrip.)

We all need a little extra push sometimes, and working on this blog has been mine. Having a deadline to post every week, with photographs that people actually want to see has helped me to get out there and do more.
So this weeks challenge is to “step outside your comfort zone” and do more!  :)

Abbiamo tutti bisogno di qualche spinta ogni tanto, e lavorare su questo blog lo é stato per me. Avere una scadenza per inviare un post ogni settimana, con fotografie che la gente vuole vedere, mi ha aiutata ad uscire e fare di più.
Quindi la sfida per questa settimana è “uscire della tua zona di comfort”, e fare di più!   :)

I know some people that have a million idea’s on how they want to earn money and enjoy doing it! It is very easy to be stuck in that planning stage. (I know that from experience!) The best thing to do is to take that extra step and walk out that door! If you fail, then you fail but at least you can look back saying that you tried. It’s like that one phrase, which has been stuck in my head for a few years now,
“ If you don’t try, if you don’t ask, you will never know.”