*Post 4 - Special: Villa Della Regina, The Queens Villa in Turin /Torino Italy

Today’s post is a day early (due to scheduling issues) and is a special featuring Villa Della Regina, which is located in the hills above Torino, just a 20 minute walk from the city center.

It is a hidden gem that is almost forgotten. Whenever I visit there are 1 or 2 others at most wandering the vast halls. I am sure there are tour groups from time to time, but I have never seen them.


The villa was built with its own private vineyard and was originally owned by Prince Maurice of Savoy. The prince died in 1657, leaving the home to his wife Louise Christine of Savoy who later died in 1692.

It then passed to Anne Marie d’Orleans, niece of Louis XIV of France and wife to the Duke of Savoy. Most of the present décor is from her lifetime. It was then that the building became known as Villa Della Regina. With Anne Marie’s death in 1728 the Villa passed to her eldest daughter Maria Adelaide.

Inside there are frescòes by Giovanni Battista Crosato, Daniel Seyter, Corrado Giaquinnto, Filippo Minei, the Domenico brothers and Giuseppe Valeriani.

The Villa was later used by the Spanish Queen of Sardinia, Maria Antonietta Ferdinanda.

It remained property of the  House of Savoy until 1868 when it was donated by Victor Emmanuel to the Institute of Army’s Daughters.

During the Second World War it was damaged and in 1994 it became state domain and was opened to the public to help fund its restoration.

The front gate is closed on Mondays, but you can now visit the Villa free of charge. It is open from 10am till 4pm Tuesday-Sunday, with a free tour Wednesday-Saturday.


When doing a shoot like this I try to think of ways to capture the beauty of the place, the feeling that day and elements of interest or details that are usually ignored or overlooked. (Granted I only have my 40mm to work with so there are no wide angle shots of the grounds. ) I try to get creative and think of ways to modernize the images.

With regards to the location/ subject, what is it that you want to see, that you want to remember? How do you want to remember it? The questions in my mind were: If you were looking for a place to visit what are the things you would like to see? What kind of sneak peak would pull you in and make you want more? Then I remembered Chateau de Gudanes, the recent restoration work there, and how I adore the look and feel of her images.

(link here if you haven't checked them out! Chateau de Gudanes

So I put my own spin on it and spent a couple hours wandering around the old villa. Lost in my thoughts. No music, no phone, no one to distract me. It was very peaceful and relaxing as a fresh coat of snow had glazed the grounds and a light breeze was slipping through the old windows.

If you are in the area or planning a visit I have included Contact Information below.

Villa Della Regina Contact Information:
Address: Strada Comunale Santa Margherita, 79 – Torino, Italia
Website: http://www.artito.arti.beniculturali.it/museum.php?museum=4
E-mail: villadellaregina@artito.arti.beniculturali.it