Post 3 - From the Suburbs To The City

As you may already know, I live and work in Torino (Turin), Italy. Which is a big change from Ontario, Canada, where I grew up. Coming here I did not know a word of Italian, well, I had tried Rosetta stone and all those audio tapes, but upon arrival I realized that meant very little. Luckily, I had my Italian classes and very understanding teachers, in one week I understood more Italian than in 3 months of studying my way.
(If in need, you can find them at, )

Being completely immersed in a subject is the best way to learn. At the beginning, I was afraid of making mistakes, so afraid that I would sit for 5 minutes thinking of what to say instead of letting out the words that felt right. (Thankfully, the teachers are very patient people. hehe)

The same goes for photographers: If you spend 5 minutes thinking about taking the shot instead of just taking it, you will miss the opportunity. Besides most of us shoot digital now, it’s not like you’re wasting film. Go with your instincts. If the image makes you feel something, more often than not, it will make others feel the same way.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know there are a lot of things to think about before taking the shot, (Lighting, composition, focus, exposure, shutter speed, background, bokeh, “have I taken this shot more than a million times?”, “have I cut off limbs?”, etc.) but sometimes just capturing the moment can make that photograph ‘the one.’