Post 2 - Business as a Creative

If it seems like this is going to be a business blog, it’s not, but that has been my focus for the past few weeks. Marketing and Business have never really been my forte, but that doesn’t mean I am not willing to do my best to make my business a successful one. (Checkmark for blog on website.)


Like every other creative individual out there, I have ways to express my frustrations that may to another seem odd. When I feel bogged down by the business aspect of photography I try and get the creative juices flowing in my brain again. Reading books and “Research” on pinterest help, (Yes, I called it research. haha) but what I find helps the most is just picking up the camera.

I once took a “creative individual” class here in Italy, where the presenter gave us a great piece of advice. She said if you ever catch yourself stuck, without any ideas, no matter what you are working on, take a piece of paper. Write down anything that comes to mind. No matter how silly or how unrealistic it is, write it down and keep writing, write as many things as you can. Then set that paper aside and come back to it later. You are full of idea’s it is just a matter of drawing them out. The same can be done by just picking up the camera, shooting and not thinking too much about what you are shooting. The ideas will come.