Post 1 - My First Blog Post

I am going to try and make this a weekly thing. I set an alarm on my phone and everything! This year (even if it has only just started) I have made great leaps in getting my name out there. Marketing myself and my work will be my focus throughout the next few months. Recently I joined Instagram and Twitter, where I have seen a slow but steady increase in interest.

I have also been working on branding and finding my style. A more defined style. I tried the matted look that has been trend in photography lately, but I just couldn’t leave out those dark shadows that I love so much. I would not consider my style of photography to be dark, it is more focused on what the light reveals and how it interacts with the things around it.


How does that light make you feel? I remembered that in my art classes during highschool and college I was constantly drawn to contrast in lighting. Caravaggio being one of my favorites among the artists we studied.

Besides, we all know it is light that makes the image. So I changed how I captured my photographs, watching the shadows and highlights of everyday objects or scenery. Forgetting the object and focusing on how the light affected it.
Learning to read the light and knowing how to use it is a photographer’s greatest challenge. In my opinion, one can never truly master anything. We are constantly learning, growing and evolving. What looks like a stunningly beautiful image to one person, will seem only “okay, but I could do better” to another.